Convegno: Ancient Egyptian demonology – A comparative perspective, Bonn, 28.02/01.03.2011

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From Rita Lucarelli

Bonn, 28.02 – 01.03 2011

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Institut für Kunstgeschichte und Archäologie
Regina-Pacis-Weg 7 – Übungsraum 4


Monday, February 28
9.00 Prof. Dr. Ludwig Morenz

9.15 Dr. Rita Lucarelli (Bonn University)
Introducing The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: a categorization, typology, and classification of the demonic entities in ancient Egypt.

The sources and aim of this project will be further illustrated in the following lectures:

9.30 Prof. Dr. Ludwig Morenz (Bonn University)
Klassifizierungsprobleme der Sakralwelt. Was ist ein nTr ?

10.00 Dr. Kasia Szpakowśka (Swansea University)
Practical Demon-Keeping: methods for dealing with hostile demonic entities in ancient Egypt

10.30 Coffee Pause

10.45 Dr. Rita Lucarelli (Bonn University)
Apotropaic gods, protective genii or malevolent creatures? Issues of classifications in the world of demons: the vignette of Spell 182 of the Book of the Dead

11.15 Dr. Panagiotis Kousoulis (University of the Aegean)
Apophis and his sister: the demonisation of venomous bites and agents in Egypt and abroad

11.45 Open discussion

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Prof. Dr. H-W. Fischer-Elfert (University of Leipzig)
Steckbrief eines nubischen(?) Dämonen – Zu Überlieferung und Natur von Sehaq(eq)

14.00 Judith Weingarten, MA (British School at Athens)
From Egyptian Taweret to ‘Minoan Genius’: the development of a demon in Minoan Crete

14.30 Anne-Caroline Rendue Loisel (Geneva University)
Exorcism and demons in Ancient Mesopotamia

15.00 Open discussion

15.30 Coffee Pause

15.45 Prof. Dr. Heinz-Josef Fabry (Bonn University)
Dämonenglaube im Alten Testament und der Monotheismus – eine Verhältnisbestimmung

16.15 Philipp Kubisch, MA (Bonn University)
Zur altindischen Dämonologie

16.45 Prof. Dr. Silvana Carotenuto (University of Naples – Orientale)
Isis, Kore, and Cleopatra: Three Sublime Feminine Demons

17.15 Open discussion

19.00 Evening Lecture at the Akademisches Kunstmuseum.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmidt (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Berlin)
The iconic world of Göbekli Tepe – Demons and Monsters of the Stone Age?

20.00 Guided visit of the Egyptian Collection of Bonn University and reception in the Egyptian Museum

Tuesday, March 1

9.00 Prof. Dr. Jacques van der Vliet (Leiden University/ Radboud University Nijmegen)
Engaging the demons in late-antique Egypt

9.30 Dr. Heinz Felber (Köln University)
Only “something acrid and extremely fowl”? Perceptions of good and evil spirits in the Coptic Life of Antony

10.00 Coffee Pause

10.15 Prof. Dr. Birgit Krawietz (Freie Universität, Berlin)
Surviving Monotheism. Jinn and the Arabic Islamic World

10.45 Christian Klinger, MA (Bonn University)
Shape-shifting and Transformation in Mesoamerica – The Wáay-beings in a diachronic perspective

11.15 Closing session – New Perspectives in Demonology

12.15 Lunch

13.30 Visit to the Mesoamerican Collection of Bonn University and to the Book of the Dead Project (Oxfordstrasse 15)

The conference is sponsored by the Book of the Dead Project – Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste

Sulla demonologia nell’antico Egitto si veda, dell’organizzatrice del convegno, la seguente recentissima voce enciclopedica (con ampia bibliografia):

Lucarelli, Rita (2010) Demons (benevolent and malevolent). In Dieleman, Jacco & Wendrich, Willeke (eds.). UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, Los Angeles.

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